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A Passport Stamp!

I haven’t traveled much, so I was disappointed I did not get a passport stamp from Argentina when we arrived in the country. I finally got my passport stamped when the group spent a whole day in Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay! As a group, we took the subway to get to the closest stop to the Buquebus, a ferry that took us on a 1-hour and 15-minute trip to Uruguay. This had all the procedures of airport security but on water. When we arrived, we took a tour around the old city. It looked very pretty, and I loved that it was a coastal city.

After the walking tour, we had lunch. I had a “chivito,” which is an iconic sandwich of Uruguay. On a bus tour, I learned that they try to preserve the old look and history of the city. They have very few traffic lights and since the population is small, they have only a few schools. We later were granted free time where we walked around and took many pictures! To enter a little shop/restaurant that had aged meats, cheese and wines. we had to crouch down to enter the small doorway. As we enjoyed the warm sunny day, we got ice cream and got some souvenirs. Eventually, we made our way back to the Buquebus and went back to our homestays.

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