Dublin 2023

Breakfast and a Show (All Within a Short Walk)

If you ever find yourself hungover in Ireland, a full Irish breakfast (aka full Irish fry) might be the cure you’re looking for. After putting it off for two months, I (fully sober) have finally tried an Irish breakfast and my opinion is mixed. At Taste Food Company, I had the […]

The Beauty of Belfast

City Hall: so empty yet so ornate! Alongside the train to Northern Ireland, flooded fields gave way to Union Jacks flying above the roofs of seemingly endless townhomes. I got an alert on my phone from my wireless company stating “Welcome to the UK.” This preplanned weekend trip to Belfast […]

A Sligo Stay(ish)cation

My friends and I decided to visit County Sligo on the west coast of Ireland to get away from the hustle and bustle of Dublin. Nicknamed “Yeats country,” the lush countryside was a source of inspiration for author W.B. Yeats, who spent much of his childhood there. People flock to […]

A Week in the Netherlands

Last week I touched down in Amsterdam to spend my fall break with my family and my boyfriend. The flight to Amsterdam was, thankfully, only an hour and five minutes, which is one of the many perks that come with living in Ireland. No more seven-hour plane rides! For now, […]

The Day at Dublin Zoo

The Path to adventure awaits! As I hailed a cab right around the corner from Christchurch Cathedral, I wondered to myself if the trip to Dublin Zoo today was still a good idea considering the cloudy weather. As I stepped into the cab, I tried to make conversation with the […]