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#TuneInThursdays with J3RRY HOMES

Hey! My name is Jeremiah Paige. I’m a senior at Mount St. Mary’s University majoring in Communication and minoring in Business. In my free time, I am working on expanding the reach of my music. I perform by my stage name, J3RRY HOMES, and intended to not only experience the life and culture here in Prague, but also try to build a fan-base. I have already connected with some local artists in the area and plan to perform a few times while here. My posts will follow the music I encounter and my journey to performing here in Europe!

This past Saturday a few of my roommates, Jeremy, Danny, Jake, and myself, traveled to Cerny Most. At the skatepark, there was a large music festival. It was from 10 in the morning until in the morning the next day. We only were there for a few hours because we only came to see the act at 8:00 p.m., Piqi Miqi. We took the metro to the Cerny Most stop which is the last on the yellow line and explored the mall until the time approached 8:00 p.m. We arrived at the skatepark and before we reached the main stage, many booths of local vendors and classic hip-hop tracks played as people skated. Piqi Miqi was on stage doing his sound check when we got to the stage. His set was around 30 minutes or more; he performed around 8 to 9 songs.

Piqi Miqi’s style resembles that of the late 70’s and early 80’s funk with a twist of R&B and Techno. We had a great time listening to his set; it put the crowd into an amazing mood. He performed songs that he already released and songs he has yet to release. Out of the current songs that he performed, “Girls like the Girls” was my favorite. His new songs were a range of various sounds and instruments; my favorite of those was “The Only One.” After his performance, his girlfriend came and took us backstage. We listened to a few tracks of the next artist and then went to city-center for drinks.

Make sure to stop back to our blog for #TuneInThursdays each week to see what other music I’m tuning into while I’m in Europe. And make sure to check out the blogs of my classmates – Up next, Rachel will tell us more about #PragueEats on #FoodieFriday.

Photo Credit: Daniel Fontana

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