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What’s on the menu today?? #FoodieFriday

Ahoy z Prague! Or in English, hello from Prague! My name is Rachel, and I am a junior at the Mount studying Communication and Business. I love learning about new cultures and meeting different people, which is a major reason why I decided to study abroad. Even though I love the Mount, I was ready to experience a completely different culture than that of the Mount by moving to Prague for a semester.

I have been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to travel in Europe before. I have been to Italy a few times, as well as Spain, but this is my first time in the Czech Republic! The first time I went to Europe, and every other time that I have visited, I have fallen in love again and again with this beautiful continent and everything that it offers.

Not that I was scared, but I was not sure what to expect out of the Czech Republic, because I had never been. But so far, Prague has exceeded all my expectations! We are lucky to be living in the center of the city with Old Town just a five-minute tram away, and we are surrounded by beautiful parks, churches, café’s, and last but definitely not least – restaurants.

Something that I have always been passionate about since I was younger was food (I mean who doesn’t like food?!). My dad taught me to cook when I was little and since then, I have loved cooking recipes ranging from simple things like omelets to chicken dishes like Chicken Marsala (my favorite thing!). I even created a food Instagram a few years ago to document new foods that I have made or tried.

I have always loved trying new foods and have lived close to New York City all my life, so I have been lucky enough to try different foods from all over the world. Through this portion of our travel blog, I hope to show everyone Prague and my current lifestyle through the lens of a foodie and the different types of food and drink that Prague offers! Here are just a few pictures of some of the foods and drinks I’ve already tried!

Make sure to follow the blog for different angles on our time in Prague from myself and a few other students. We also will be posting on the Mount Travel Instagram – @MSMUtravels. “Czech” back on #KavaMonday for the “Morning Brew” with Jeremy.

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