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A Day in the Life of a Student Studying Abroad: Prague Edition

For my first real post, I wanted to take y’all along for a typical day in my life: Prague Edition. Since this post is going up on Wednesday, I picked a Wednesday to write about; however, my routine each day of the week is a little different since we have different classes each days of the week.

[Disclaimer: There are 37 other students from the Mount studying in Prague, and their daily experiences are sure to be different from mine, so this is not what I do every single day or what everyone else does everyday, either. ]

8:00 – Wake up and get ready for the day

Because my earliest class is at 8:30, I usually wake up around 8:00 a.m. to get ready for the day. The building where our classes are held is about an 8 minute walk, so I leave for classes around 8:20. The walk to our classrooms goes through Charles Square, which is a beautiful way to start each day.

8:30 – Introduction to Czech Language Class

For the first four weeks of our semester, we have Intro to Czech at 8:30 a.m. Monday-Thursday. Even though the language is hard to learn because it is very complex, our teachers make it easy to understand and they are super cool. We have learned common phrases and sayings, numbers, colors, and the basic present and future tenses of common verbs.

9:45 – Modern Czech History Class

Our Czech history class is taught by a local Czech professor. The class is two hours long since we only have it once a week, but we go on a field trip during the later half of every class. I love that we get to explore some new part of the city each week during class. Last week we visited the Klementinum complex, which houses one of the largest Baroque libraries in the world. It also has its own astronomical tower that the scientists would use to study astrology. Today, you are able to climb up to the tower and view the beautiful 360 degree views of Old Town Prague.

12:30 – Lunch in our apartment

Here in Prague, we live in apartments. The apartments are made up of 7-9 of us, so I share my apartment with 8 other girls. Sharing one bathroom and one kitchen for nine girls has been a bit challenging, but we have managed so far! Because we have our own kitchen, I try to cook as much as I can to save money. Buying my weekly groceries is so much cheaper than eating out for all my meals.

2:00 – Cafedu

One of the places that I go at least every other day is Cafedu. It is a great café that is meant for students. It is has two floors with lots of seating and tables for studying. Complete with group study rooms and fast free Wi-Fi, the café offers a wide selection delicious food and beverages. I come here because the wi-fi is a lot better than it is in our apartment, so it makes doing homework easier and faster. My favorite thing to order is their homemade lemonade. A half liter is 55 korunas, which converts to around $2.50.

7:30 – Sunset  

After Cafedu, I will take the tram back to our apartment and then make something for dinner, before catching the sunset. One of my favorite things about Prague is that it is incredibly beautiful so I try to get out and watch the sunset as much as I can. I have found a couple of spots around the city to sit and admire the beauty, but I will compile a complete list and share that in one of my later posts, so you’ll have to “Czech” that out later.

After the sunset, I’ll head back to my apartment, hang out with my roommates, or spend time with my friends who live in the other apartments. One thing I have learned about traveling and studying abroad is that it makes me so tired, so getting sleep has been super important!

Make sure to come back next week for more adventures of life abroad with me, and see what Jeremiah has been tuning into tomorrow on #TuneInThursday and what new foods Rachel has been trying on #FoodieFriday.

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