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#PragueJogs to Lennon Wall and Charles Bridge… and places in between!

Dobry Den! Hello again from Prague! Let’s begin week two of my #PragueJogs.

This week I started with a 3 mile run at 6:00 a.m. and ended around 7:15 a.m., with just enough time to spare before Czech class at 8:30 a.m. Along the way, there were many beautiful, picturesque views.

As I strolled down the city streets of Prague, I was surprised at how many people were actually already starting their day. Along with that, there were also many running groups, which made me feel more comfortable.

I decided to cross one of the many bridges that goes over the Vltava River; and to my surprise, I ran into many unique spots. The first stop was the beautiful view of the morning sky over the water on the bridge right off Národní Divadlo, which is a common tram stop and meeting point in Prague. Národní Divadlo is where the National Theatre resides.

As I continued on my way, I ran past an art exhibit on the outskirts of the river, but what I didn’t know was that I would see giant sculptures of crawling babies. These sculptures are well known in Prague for being one of the many pieces the famous David Cerny has created. David Cerny is a well-renowned Czech sculptor who has created several pieces throughout the Czech Republic. Most of Cerny’s pieces can be found in public spaces and strike a lot of conversation amongst gazers because of his unique taste in art.

These particular sculptures of giant babies crawling were originally placed on the side of the Zizkov Television Tower with the intent to give the tower a better look. Many Czechs believe that the Zizkov Television Tower is very unattractive and ruined the aesthetic and architecture of the city view, which is one of the reasons that Cerny created these sculptures.

Another great highlight of my morning run was seeing the Lennon Wall. Despite the fact of its name, this wall no longer depicts an image of John Lennon. Before 1980, this used to be an average, white street wall. After the unfortunate death of the popular Beatles member, John Lennon, his image was painted on this wall. Afterwards, many people would come to write Beatles lyrics in tribute. This wall also became a political focal point for young Czechs, because of the communist regime in which a lot of pop music was banned throughout the country. Now, the wall is filled with quotes, lyrics, graffiti, and also political comments from the U.S. This wall is filled with color and life, and all the messages and languages written goes to show how many people from around the world come to Prague.

After this pit stop, I headed towards the Charles Bridge. Fortunately, it was not too far! This bridge is one of the biggest sites for tourists, which makes it really hard to run through during the day because of the flocks of people that visit the location. Even though I was there so early in the morning, there were already so many tourists flocking to the bridge. The Charles Bridge is an important historical location in Prague because it has been around since the time period of King Charles IV. Its construction began in 1357 and ended in the 15th century. On the sides of the bridge there are many distinct religious statues that represent many Christian figures, including the patron saint of Prague, Václav Havel. However, not all of these statues are the original pieces, most are replicas, and the original pieces are preserved in one of the Gates in the Vysehrad Castle Fort in Prague.

I hope you enjoyed my adventurous journey during my run! Tune in next week for more #PragueJogs, and make sure to “Czech out” Emma’s post tomorrow about student life abroad.

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