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Life at the Mount vs. “život v Praze” (Life in Prague)

Today marks a month since we arrived in Prague for the beginning of our study abroad experience. It is almost hard to believe, since I feel like time is going by so fast! In that month, I’ve noticed several differences between student life at the Mount and life abroad here in Prague.

On-campus housing vs. Apartments

At the Mount, many upperclass students live in on-campus housing, whether that is Terrace, Powell, or the apartments. Here in Prague, we live in apartments which are in the city of Prague, as opposed to being on a campus. Also, our apartments range from 7-9 people, whereas at the Mount the largest apartment is made up of 5 students. This also means that we can’t just roll out of bed and five minutes later walk over to the science building. Our apartments are about an 8-minute walk from our classrooms, and we also have learned to use Prague’s public transportation system including the trams, buses, and the metro.

Patriot vs. Albert’s

At the Mount, I was on a meal plan so I would eat at Patriot for most of my meals. Here in Prague since we live in apartments, we cook most of our meals at home, or go out to eat on occasion. Albert’s, a local grocery store, has quickly become our favorite. It is in the building directly below our apartments, so it is super convenient. Also, in the back there is a bakery section with pastries, rolls, doughnuts, and breads that are baked fresh every day of the week. Learning to budget for groceries every week has also been something new that I’ve had to learn, since we can’t just use our Mount card to swipe every time we go to the store!

Weekends in Emmitsburg vs. Weekends Abroad

At the Mount, our weekends consist of Saturday and Sunday. Most of my weekends would be spent doing homework, hanging out with friends, going to an AMP event, and going to Mass. I would say my weekends here are almost completely different. I still fit in Mass, but our weekends begin after our last class on Thursday. A big part of studying abroad is being able to visit different countries on the weekends. So far, I have visited Amsterdam, Netherlands and Krakow, Poland during the weekends and this upcoming weekend a group of us are going to Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. Other Mounties have traveled to Dresden, Germany and Budapest, Hungary. Although all of this traveling can be sometimes stressful and exhausting, it is awesome to be able to visit all of these different countries.

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