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#TuneInThursdays: JERRY HOMES’ First Performance in Prague

God and the universe have been swaying in my direction as my persistence to perform and spread my music in the Czech Republic has remained consistent. I’ve been constantly looking for performances, and I was lucky enough to join a jam session with a local band performing at an underground club I was at this weekend.IMG_3486.jpeg

The other day, I encountered a very extroverted and clever young man from France; he has many African blood ties. I was hoping our paths would cross again; little did I know, we would meet a lot sooner than expected! After meeting up with him at “Barfly,” we all left at the same time. They told me we were going to “Vzorkovna” so I tagged along.

Vzorkovna has an atmosphere like no other. It is a place where the youth of Prague and both young and old tourists come to hang out, relax, and have a beer. I was informed that the public can openly come to grab the mic, get on stage, and jam with the crowd. If you know my ambition, I was determined to make that happen! However, I was told that only the band performing that night was allowed on stage. Everyone I came with got tireless and left, but I stayed in hopes of being able to perform. I talked to every member of the band individually, and they pointed me in the direction of Chikito Sanchez, the leader of the band.

Chikito is a Vzorkovna legend and has performed there frequently. He initially thought I wanted to play an instrument with them which he would not be okay with, but I made it clear that I just wanted to rap. He let two rappers from France come on the stage first and finally let me on the stage around 2 in the morning. I jammed with the band for a total of 15 minutes and was asked to come out and perform at their next performance another night! I’ll keep you posted on that!

Make sure to #TuneIn next week to see what else I get into here in Prague. And “Czech” out my classmates adventures too – we’re posting here on the weekdays and on our Instagram – @MSMUtravels.

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