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Coffee & Waffles on #KavaMonday

It’s another beautiful Monday to start off with a cup-of-joe!

I know last week I promised to show you one of Prague’s more eco-friendly coffee shops; however, this one was hard to avoid. Instead, we decided to check out a hole-in-the-wall café called Coffee & Waffles! Now, from the outside the coffee shop doesn’t look like it’ll have much to offer, but sometimes it’s as true as the saying goes: “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” My girlfriend Shaadi (make sure to check out her Tuesday blog #PragueJogs) and I decided to see what this little shop had to offer.

coffee & waffles menu
Small menu with just enough options to fill one’s appetite

We were greeted warmly by the baristas and asked what we would like. After surveying the small, yet limitless, menu we decided to order two English breakfasts, a Nutella-Peanut butter waffle, a cappuccino, and a café latte. Clearly it was a go big or go home kind of morning! As we waited for our order, we had nothing else to do but check out just how aesthetically pleasing the café was. The bar was decorated to look like the exterior of a waffle, which I found pretty funny.

coffee & waffles bar
The bar was designed to look like a waffle – pretty cool right?

Surely enough, the waiter brought us our food & coffee and I assure you it was definitely worth the wait. Shaadi and I stared at our English breakfast and the Nutella waffle; we had a hard time trying to decide where to start. However, after a brief discussion we dove into our little taste of England and enjoyed the Nutella waffle for desert. Now, as far as the coffee is concerned, Coffee & Waffles didn’t offer anything out of this world; it was decent at best. But the food, was a different story.

nutella and peanut butter waffle
You can’t tell me your mouth didn’t water after seeing this – Nutella, Peanut Butter Waffle
English Breakfast
A little Cappuccino & English breakfast never hurt anybody

Out of all the cafes/coffee shops that I have visited so far, Coffee & Waffles top out at #1. Why? The food was delicious, the coffee was pretty good (not disappointed), and the experience surpassed my expectations. I recommend anyone who has the opportunity to come to Prague to make this hole-in-the-wall café a must stop breakfast destination!

Don’t forget to “Czech” in this week for #PragueJogs with Shaadi, #CzechOutLifeAbroad with Emma on Wednesday, #TuneinThursday with Jeremiah, and #FoodieFriday with Rachel. Next week, we’ll be on our fall break, so look for the next #KavaMondays post in two weeks!

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