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Welcome back to another edition of #KavaMondays! Before we continue on our caffeinated adventure(s), I must apologize for not having time to post last Monday. However, I assure you, you will not be disappointed! This past week was fall break on campus and for us studying abroad as well. Due to this, Shaadi and I decided to visit Budapest, Hungary and Athens, Greece. We spent four days, give or take, in both countries, and they did not disappoint one bit! For one, both cities are incomparable; delivering two totally different vibes and aesthetics – not to mention the difference in coffee culture as well.

bubo coffee
bubō coffee – Budapest, Hungary

To begin, I will start in Budapest – the most aesthetically pleasing city I’ve ever been to…for now. After a fairly smooth six-hour bus ride, we arrived around 12:00 PM CET (Central European Time). Our coffee addiction and some sleep deprivation had begun to kick in around this time. After settling in and some minor sightseeing excursions, we decided to visit a local coffee shop named Bubō. The shop itself was nothing out of this world; in fact, I would say that it looked like your typical sit-in café. I decided to have what they called a Melange, which, to be honest, was nothing more than a café latte with some honey. Shaadi decided to order another bubō exclusive called Bombon. The Bombon was their version of a short dark coffee with a tint of sweetness. The coffee itself was fairly cheap, pricing around $4.90 for both, which is not bad considering the quality of the brew (it sucked, but let’s just keep that between us).

bubo menu
bubō coffee selection

The second café we visited was when we arrived in Athens. Spoiler alert: The best cup of coffee I’ve had throughout this study abroad experience was here, but we’ll get to that later.

Anyway, the second café went by the name of Everest; resembling a Starbucks-like appearance but with good coffee (for those considering Starbucks to be “good” coffee: I’m sorry, it’s not.) I decided to order something simple, since we were in a rush to see the attractions, so I purchased a typical café latte. To my surprise, the coffee came out better than expected (100% Superior Arabica brew) and for an affordable $2, it was well worth it.

everest coffee
Café latte brought to you by Everest coffee

On our final day in Athens, we decided to visit a local bakery that was located just around the corner from our Airbnb. It went by the name of, ‘Aptoç & ∏apásoon. Now, remember how I mentioned earlier that the best cup of coffee I had on this trip was in Athens? Well, this is the place – a for sure go-to if you ever decide to visit Athens. The bakery was no bigger than your average living room; displaying fresh pastries that filled the air with their mouth-watering aroma. At first, we weren’t quite sure if they offered coffee there; however to our surprise, they did. In fact, they offered 100% fair trade Brazilian coffee. Ultimately, we decided to order two cappuccinos, a milk cake, and a ham & cheese tart.

This is the part where I tell you that this coffee was the best cup of brew I have ever had in Europe. The taste was extremely smooth, not too bitter, not too strong, and just enough sweetness to satisfy anyone’s sweet-tooth. It was simply amazing to say the least. Nonetheless, well worth the price, totaling around $3 all together. In fact, to give you perspective, the coffee and pastries were so good, we decided to go back for seconds!

athens bakery
Some of the many pastries offered at the best bakery in Athens.
athens bakery coffee
The best cup of coffee I’ve ever had in Europe, held in front of the best bakery in Athens.

Aside from the coffee, both Budapest and Athens were two incredibly beautiful cities, each delivering their own culture in very unique and picturesque ways. If you are ever curious/interested on planning a Euro trip anytime in the near future, I highly recommend putting these two cities on your must-see list. I can assure you, you won’t be dissatisfied.

View of Athens from atop of the Acropolis

Thank you for reading! Make sure to check out tomorrow’s #PragueJog post by Shaadi! And be sure to follow us on Instagram – @MSMUtravels.

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