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Fall Vibes in Prague

Hello my fellow Mounties! I am happy to share another fun but exhausting running experience with you all. It has been a long journey, and it is hard to believe that I only have 4 weeks left here in Prague 😢. I know every post I may seem over excited about running, and I do really enjoy it, but believe me these runs kill me sometimes. Today I will show you all a cute spot where the locals run.

locals on path
A few locals running on the paths

This week I went on an evening run with a few friends: Jeremy and Jeremiah whom you may recognize from our weekly blog posts. We ran down to a popular community park. On the way there, we actually did a little warm up basketball drill. We had to run while passing the basketball over our heads to the person behind us, then the person at the end of the line had to sprint to the front of the line and continue the drill. Let me tell you: As a petite girl (standing at only 5 feet tall to be exact), doing this with two 6-foot-tall men was no walk in the park! But it was still really fun, and I would like to say that I impressed them with how well I could keep up with them. When we arrived at the park, it was filled with locals, children, teens, and plenty of dogs!!! This place was meant for everyone!

courts and playground
Basketball Courts to the left; Playgrounds to the right

As the guys went to play basketball on one of the courts, I decided to run around and see what I could find. It was a very charming place to be. As I explored the park and surrounding neighborhood, I ran into a rather treacherous and challenging obstacle: I was faced with running up what seemed like a never ending stairway.

steep stairs
Stairway to heaven in Prague

At the top of the stairs, there was a large brick wall that actually is the divide that symbolizes Prague 2, which is the Czech version of zoning or zip codes. As terrifying as it was for me to concentrate on not tumbling and falling down the stairs, I made it! It was well worth because I got to see a beautiful view of Prague a midst the sunset.

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