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Two for One

This week’s edition of #KavaMondays, I decided to give you a two-for-one: two cafes in one blog post (I think you lucked out on this one). Not to mention that it was also Shaadi’s birthday!

The first café on our caffeinated excursion will be the Tricafe. I would like to call this café your typical hole-in-the-wall, for the simple fact of how difficult it was to find it. Located in a back alley of uptown Prague, the Tricafe looks nothing more than a dull store front. However, the closer you get, the more you begin to appreciate its simplicity – sometimes less is more. Upon entering, I was greeted by two friendly baristas and a welcoming hipster-esque aura. The small café didn’t offer much, providing just the essentials towards fulfilling one’s coffee addiction.

I decided to order the usual café latte with a ham & cheese sandwich to complement it, while Shaadi ordered a cappuccino with quiche. To my surprise, the coffee and food came out faster than at most cafes; however, the fast service did not reduce the quality of the overall meal. As we enjoyed our coffee, we oftentimes would look around the café and analyze its simplicity and just how quiet it was: it was absolutely peaceful. It was one of the most serene morning coffees I’ve ever had by far.

Next on the list, we decided to to head over to a local bakery, known for their homemade pastries and mediocre coffee – clearly our sweet-tooth had an appetite. Once we sat down and settled our things, we ordered two cappuccinos and two different kinds of cake: Shaadi ordered a slice of pistachio cake ( at first I thought this was absolutely gross…I was wrong), and I ordered a slice of coconut cake. Now, to save you some time from reading a rant of just how unappetizing our coffee was, just know that it was not a good cup of coffee. Period. However, our cakes made up for the disappointment. At first, I must admit, I judged Shaadi’s decision on getting a pistachio cake. However, I have to give credit where credit’s due and say that she might have ordered the better tasting cake out of the two. As much as I did enjoy my coconut cake, there was just something about the pistachio cake that tasted better.

The coffee looks better than it tasted…believe me. But the cakes were good!

Long story short, by the end of our coffee day trip, we were so jittery from the high sugar and caffeine intake that we decided to walk it off for a few hours – checking out parts of Prague we’ve never seen before.

Make sure to check out tomorrow’s #PragueJogs blog by Shaadi. And make sure to check in throughout the week to see how the rest of The Mount crew is enjoying their time here in Prague!

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