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#TuneInThursday (on Friday): The Weekend Before my First International Performance

The time has come: There are only a few days before I hit the stage and perform my own music. You think I would do a bunch of rehearsals to prepare for the performance, but I have been preparing for this moment for a while now. There is no need to get ready if you stay ready is what I’ve heard. I performed once to twice a week over the summer in front of varying crowds and locations. Although I haven’t been doing my own music, I have improvised on numerous occasions at jam sessions.

Recently, I had a nightmare that I had a big show back in Baltimore and forgot my words. I woke up and felt strange: I haven’t forgotten my words at a performance in a while. Now performances are becoming very natural to me. I know that opportunities to make a good impression don’t come around very often. It is absolutely imperative to lose yourself in the moment and be unafraid of any consequences as a result of your actions. I learned that from Eminem and other public figures.

The biggest part about making your dreams/realities come to fruition is to live the lifestyle you want for yourself. It’s easy to say I’m going to be this and that, but if your bite doesn’t match up with or exceed your bark, it’s nothing more than a conversation. I thank God for all the encounters and experiences I’ve had in the past that have prepared me for this weekend. My public speaking classes, hosting dinners and giving speeches, open mics, and rapping to myself alone… All of these things have made me the artist I am today; and at the end of the day tomorrow, I will be better.

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