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Four Course Meal: Czech Style!

After being in Prague for a little over two months, I have had the opportunity to try many different types of Czech foods ranging from fried cheese to pork knuckle (and everything in between!). Today, I will be going through a few different types of Czech food and drink that you can expect while in the Czech Republic.


Start off with a Pilsner! After finally grabbing the waiter’s attention (the Czechs – or Europeans for that matter – aren’t known for their promptness while out to eat), the first thing that many people order while out to eat in the Czech Republic is beer, of course! There are many different types of beers to choose from, but most people order a Pilsner which is a light beer made in the Czech Republic, or more specifically, in the town of Pilsen just an hour from Prague. You can order this type of beer almost anywhere. It can be paired with food or sipped all on its own!



Pražská šunka: An extremely popular food for Prague is Pražská šunka, or Prague Ham. This type of ham is very similar to the kind that we have back home, except it is very smoky and fatty. When I first tasted this, it reminded me of almost a thin piece of bacon; it was still delicious and always a great start to a meal!

Pražská šunka

Gulášová polévka: A staple food that you will find in almost every Czech restaurant is Gulášová polévka, or in English: Goulash Soup! This soup consists of many different things such as beef, mushrooms, potatoes, tomatoes, and paprika. This is the perfect type of food to enjoy on a chilly day !

Smažený Sýr: Another popular appetizer enjoyed by many is called Smažený Sýr, or fried cheese! Sounds simple right? That’s exactly what it is! You may find yourself at a fancy Czech restaurant, and this dish will always be on a menu. It definitely is delicious, but honestly it reminds me of a glorified Mozzarella Stick!


Vepřové Koleno: Most of the Czech main dishes include pork in one way or another and are served in many different ways! Vepřové Koleno, or fried pork knuckle, is no exception. This dish included the knuckle of the pork, a dark meat, and is served with cabbage and horseradish. Although the concept of eating a pork’s knuckle sounds slightly strange to me, this dish is delicious and one of my favorite things to eat when I go to a Czech restaurant.

Vepřo knedlo zelo: Another delicious Czech pork dish called Vepřo knedlo zelo is pretty much a staple in daily Czech life. This dish consists of roast pork, dumplings, and sauerkraut. Although the Czech people might not eat each this dish daily, many include at least one item from this dish  in their everyday cuisine.


Malinový dort: After your meal, it is typical to enjoy another beer along with a dessert. One thing that I have noticed about Czech desserts is that they are not as sweet as American desserts, but I personally think that actually makes them better! One dessert that is very popular here is Malinový dort, or Raspberry Cake. This is usually a layered cake with light and dark cake, served with raspberries on top. Its my favorite dessert that I have tried so far!

Jablečný Strůdl: Another amazing dessert to try while in Prague is Jablečný Strůdl, or Apple Strudel. This dish is made of a sweet bread wrapped in apples, and it usually has whipped cream or ice cream on top. This is definitely a great dessert to finish off a Czech meal.


Now that your mouth is probably watering after reading about all these delicious foods, make sure to stop over at our Instagram – @MSMUtravels – to see even more glimpses of the places we’ve been and the food and drinks we’ve enjoyed while studying abroad. Thank you for reading! Make sure to check out the next Prague update by Jeremy on #KavaMonday!


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