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Cupcakes in Krakow

This week I decided to travel to Krakow, Poland – home of the famous pinball museum, extremely friendly Polish locals, and, of course, pretty good coffee. The city itself is very peaceful, so peaceful, in fact, that it didn’t feel like an actual city. Initially, I was expecting a setting similar to Prague, something lively, loud, metropolitan-like; however, Krakow was the exact opposite of this. To put it in perspective, aside from its historic lure, Krakow is the kind of city you’d take your family to for a relaxed retreat – nothing crazy, just a nice, serene time with the ‘rents. But enough of the boring details, let’s get into the nitty-gritty.

During my first night in Krakow, I decided to look for something out of the ordinary, somewhat retro, and nonetheless, fun. After surveying the tourist guide for quite sometime, I came across Krakow’s largest pinball museum and decided that I had to check it out before I left. Upon arriving, I found that the museum was located in a sketchy alley-way, a hole-in-the-wall if you will. However, once you enter the venue, everything was illuminated with translucent neon lights – it seemed like an old-school arcade, or something you’d see out of Stranger Things. The price was extremely affordable, costing a mere $3 for entry and an all night’s pass. The machines ranged from simple pinball machines from the 1960s, to more modern and complex machines from 2017-2018.

The next day, I decided to take a walk around city center and get a feel of what Krakow had to offer. First on my list, of course, was my daily cup of coffee. After aimlessly walking around for about an hour or so, I ran into a Krakow-famous café, Cupcake Corner. It was a small bistro with just enough detail and aesthetic to catch one’s eye. Lucky enough, they were offering a student discount special, consisting of their homemade bagels with organic cream cheese spread, and a choice between a café latte or cappuccino (by now you should know that its almost natural that I order a café latte). The bagels came with a selection of cream cheese flavors: blueberry, honey walnut, original, and vanilla. I believed blueberry was the more intriguing choice, and I wasn’t disappointed one bit.

After the great coffee and bagels, I had to continue exploring Krakow and its picturesque environment. I decided to take a walk through the park, attempting to enjoy the simplicity this city was offering. The leaves have already turned to their natural cobalt orange color, signifying the change of season. The air was crisp, however, comfortable enough to sit down and enjoy the weather. As I sat there, I felt as if I was a kid again; sitting on a park bench, taking my time, just letting life come to me in gradual progression. It was refreshing to say the least.

Visiting Krakow was an amazing experience; from the coffee and blueberry cream cheese, to simply sitting in the park and enjoying what’s around me. I believe everyone should visir Krakow if given the chance. I also think one should travel to as many countries as humanly possible. The experiences you will encounter are once in a lifetime and something you will reminisce about many times after it has happened.

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