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Mission Complete! #TuneInThursdays with J3RRY HOMES

I would like to first thank God before going into detail about how these last few performances have gone for me. The very first performance overseas easily was the best in my opinion. I got paid for my performance which was at a Halloweeen party, and my fellow Mount students studying with me here attended the party too. I performed 7 songs of mine including my newest song “Lime-A-Rita”, which is on all streaming sites. I didn’t get many pictures from the night, but I got plenty of videos. I even got to bring out my roommate Guz for him to perform the new song he made over summer. The song isn’t streaming anywhere yet, but it was still an amazing time.

A photo from the Halloween Party hosted by Piqi Miqi

The second show where I performed had a much better turnout, not because the first show had a few people, but because this second performance was at an actual club for a birthday celebration. It was Felix’s birthday, and he actually was the guy who booked me for the show. I met Felix at Radost Night Club through another person I met with about performing there. We met a few more times after that at the Drunken Money where I met others. Felix is from Nigeria, so it was only fitting to have his birthday party at The Viper Lounge because on Sundays, they strictly play “Afrobeat”, a blend of African music, funk, jazz, and soul. When it was my time to perform, I switched the whole vibe of the club with my intense hip-hop selection. A lot of people were not really into my music, but I still had an amazing time performing. I got a few followers; and although I didn’t fulfill everyone’s desires, I still had the audience’s attention.

Photos after the show on Sunday at Viper Lounge. Felix Wallace is on the left of Jeremiah. Paul Tedesco below Jeremiah.

The third show I had here ended up not being a show at all. It turns out that the event was poorly organized; and as a result, my overall set length was shortened. I got to do a 2-minute jam session in the middle of someone else’s set. I didn’t get to do my full set, but I am grateful for the connections I made at the event.


The good news is that there are more opportunities to perform here before I return home. We have roughly two and a half weeks left before we return to the States – I can’t wait to see what the end of this study abroad experience brings!

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