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A taste of Hungary and Poland

Although I definitely have loved trying the new types of food and drink here in Prague, another great part of studying abroad has been the ability to travel all over Europe and try other types of foods popular to that country! Today I will be talking about two different countries that my friends and I have visited and the foods that we were able to try in each of the countries.


One of my weekend trips that I went on was to Krakow, Poland. It was such an awesome experience. We walked around, went on a food tour, and discovered a bunch of awesome churches.

On the food tour, we were able to try the typical types of food eaten in Poland. The first food that we tried was called Obwarzenej Krakowski. This was a large bagel shaped loaf that had different toppings; mine had poppyseeds. As someone who is used to good bagels from home (Jersey bagels over NY bagels any day!), I can say that these were pretty good, ALMOST as good as ones I would eat at home!

Obwarzenej Krakowski

Another food that we tried on the food tour were some good old fashioned Pierogies. Pierogies are small dumplings that have different toppings in them, ranging from potatoes, to fruit and cheese. This was definitely not a first for me, but they were the best that I have had so far. The dumpling itself was super soft on the outside and really warm on the inside, a perfect combination in my opinion.



Baths in Hungary

On one of the most recent weekend trips that I took, my friends and I had the opportunity to travel to Budapest, Hungary. This was an awesome city that reminded me a little bit of Prague, so I immediately felt at home. While we were in Hungary, we had to try the foods that are typical to Hungary. The first thing that we tried was Goulash. We have Goulash here in the Czech Republic, but this type was not as thick and was very light with many different types of vegetables in it.

Another typical Hungarian dish that I tried was called Langos. This dish was kind of a weird concept to me; it was basically fried dough that you can put different toppings on it. I ordered the typical Langos which came with sour cream, garlic, and cheese on top. However, you could also get them with sweet toppings like Strawberry and Nutella!

As my time abroad is coming to a close, something that I am definitely going to miss is the opportunities that I have been given to try different foods from all over Europe!

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