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Coffee Shop Countdown

As we approach the final week of our study abroad in Prague, I would like to make a countdown of my top 3 most favorite cafes in Europe. It was an extremely difficult decision trying to rank each coffee shop; however, I tried my best and hopefully, one day, you guys can check them out for yourselves. Regardless of the ranking, each café delivered their own unique experience and was well worth the visit.

I will begin on the lower end of the scale and work my way to the number one spot.

So, in third place I will award the bronze medal to a café I just recently visited, VNITROBLOCK (check out Nov. 5s blog post). Aside from its amazing aesthetic lure and secretive location, the coffee was extremely subpar and the matcha latte is not what the name suggests – its grinded edamame seeds and a little bit of hot water. If that’s up your alley, then this drink is for you! However, the overall experience was fun and well-worth a second visit just for the ambiance.

Beware of the matcha latte!
Aesthetics is the game, VNITROBLOCK is the name

The second spot goes to one of the best meals I’ve ever had in a coffee shop, Coffee & Waffles. This hole-in-the-wall café is great for any urban hipster looking for a great cup of coffee and a fantastic meal. Make sure to order the English breakfast and nutella, peanut butter waffle with a cappuccino to wash it all down – you’ll thank me later. If you ever visit Prague, please do yourself the favor and make a quick pit-stop at this wafflicious venue.

Have you ever seen a better Nutella, Peanut Butter waffle? I don’t think so.
English breakfast and cappuccino – delicious!

For the top number one spot, I was a bit biased with this one and had to go with Bitcoin coffee, just for the simple fact that I was able to purchase a cup of coffee with bitcoin – it blew my mind! To make things better, the coffee was pretty decent and the venue was extremely aesthetically pleasing and welcoming. They also hold multiple cryptocurrency and blockchain workshops to spread awareness about blockchain technology. This café is a 10/10 in my opinion.

Bitcoin coffee’s furniture is made from recycled cardboard boxes
Yeah, I paid in Bitcoin!!

All of the aforementioned cafes are worth visiting, so please don’t base your opinion on my experience(s). Aside from the coffee culture, Prague has become a second home for me and my classmates, and its going to be an absolute culture shock when we return to the States. So, for now, sit back, relax, enjoy our concluding blogs and plan your trip to the beautiful city of Prague!

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