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Top 4 Prague Street Foods to Enjoy

I know I have mentioned time and again about the delicious foods that they have here in Prague such as Goulash and Pork Knuckle, but another popular type of food here in Prague is the food that they sell on the street corners and public squares. This food, although probably not the best for you, is extremely delicious and can be enjoyed in almost any type of weather!  In this blog post, I’m going to introduce you to my top 4 suggestions of street foods to enjoy on your visit to Prague.


If you have been to Prague, or have at least seen pictures of what is offered here, you probably have seen pictures of Tridlink’s, which are round chimney cakes, most of the time coated with cinnamon and sugar. Before coming to Prague, I had seen tons of pictures of these donut-looking treats all over various travel accounts, but something that I did not know until coming here was the fact that these treats are not even from Prague…or even the Czech Republic for that matter! They actually originated in Hungary and are baked on spits. The root of the word is trdlo which is the name of the wooden spit. They are delicious, and I would definitely recommend them!


Street Sausage

One street food that you can find on almost every corner that you turn is sausage! Definitely not like the hot dogs that you can find on the streets of New York, but these are even better in my opinion! The sausage in Prague, or central Europe for that matter, are very popular and are served with mayonnaise, ketchup, and mustard and usually come with sauerkraut on top for you to enjoy! This is one of my favorite things to eat because they usually have different types and flavors of sausages to try like garlic, paprika, and even lamb.

Prague Ham

Another popular thing that Prague is notorious for is ham, or more specifically, pork. Walking through the popular squares, you are more than likely to find a pig roasting on a spit where you can simply go up and order a few pieces as you are walking around. At first this was a really weird concept to me; but as you walk around, you can smell the aroma of smoked pork through the air, and it smells delicious every time!


Another extremely popular street food that is offered all over Prague is sauerkraut. This food is cabbage that is cooked many different ways, usually served hot. My favorite type of sauerkraut is hot, and served with potatoes and smoked sausage. It’s the perfect thing to eat on a cool day!

One of the things that I am going to miss most is the ability to try different foods and drink! Even though my time in Prague is coming to a close, it’s not over yet so stay tuned next week!

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