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Calling All Beer Enthusiasts!

If you have a passion for all the different types of beer, I believe I found the best place for you! Hello all, and welcome to my third edition of #BrewsdayTuesday! On my way back to my apartment from class, I like to take different routes home and explore a little more of Dublin. Several times on my way home I noticed a pub with a big sign painted on the glass, “BEER MARKET” and thought to myself ‘I ought to give this place a try.’ This past weekend, my two friends and I finally decided to visit the Beer Market to see what it was all about. As soon as we walked in, we knew right away that this place loves its beer. From the signs of different brands of beer to the extensive menu that only served beer and no other types of drinks, we knew we came to the right place.

For people who want to be more adventurous in the types of beer they try, this is the place to be! From pilsners to lagers, to IPAs, to ciders, The Beer Market has many varieties of beer to try, and is reasonably priced. The large menu from above the bar lists the beer on tap, what kind of beer it is, and the alcohol content in each drink.

The menu in The Beer Market does a great job of explaining the type of beer that you are getting.

During my night there, I tried Erdinger’s Oktoberfest (number 20 on the menu). The beer was a bit cloudy and was served in long, skinny pint glass. It has a grainy taste to it and goes down very smooth. Before drinking the pint, I had a sample of number 14 on the list, the Baniwa Chilli brewed by Hopfully Brewing Co. I am glad I just had the sample because drinking a beer that is a bit spicy is an experience that I do not need to try again.

Erdinger’s Oktoberfest Beer

For anyone who is curious about beers and all of the different types offered, I highly suggest going to The Beer Market to find out which beers you enjoy. The staff is very friendly and shows an obvious passion for beer, and would love to talk about the beer with you before you decide what pint to have.

If you are interested in trying all types of beer, The Beer Market in Dublin provides an excellent opportunity to do just that!

After gaining insight into the complex process of brewing beer through my History of Beer and Brewing class, it was meaningful to drink at a pub like The Beer Market. The pub is truly “devoted to beer” as the sign painted on their window suggests. Please check in next week to see what other beer adventures my friends and I embark on. Be sure to follow us on Instagram – @MSMUtravels. Slainte!

The Beer Market, where every day is #BrewsdayTuesday!

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