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Jamming Out at Jameson on this #BrewsdayTuesday!

Welcome to the newest #BrewsdayTuesday post! Today I will share my experience I had at the Jameson Distillery on Bow Street in Dublin. Jameson, along with Guinness, is one of the most recognizable Irish brands and their logo is easily found all over the city. I prefer a pint of beer when going out, but I thought it was worth making an exception when visiting the Jameson Distillery.

Similar to the Smithwicks Experience that was featured on #BrewsdayTuesday a few weeks ago, Jameson offers an extensive tour of their first distillery. Nowadays, Jameson does most of its distilling in County Cork, Ireland which is a few hours away from Dublin by car. Jameson had to move their operations to Cork because their facility in Dublin could not support the amount of whiskey they were producing.

If you ever want to see a chandelier made out of whiskey bottles, come visit the Jameson Distillery here in Dublin.

During the tour, I got an in-depth presentation of Jameson’s history and origins. It was interesting to hear how life in America was impacting Jameson’s business. America, being one of Jameson’s largest buyers, had to cease their business with Jameson due to the Prohibition. Jameson was so negatively impacted by the Prohibition that they had to drastically change the amount of whiskey produced. To understand just how much business Jameson and the US do together, I did a quick Google search which showed me that in 2018, the US bought 4.5 million 9L cases. This accounted for 78% of total Irish whiskey sales.

After the learning about the company’s history, I then moved onto the tasting room. Here I learned differences between Jameson whiskey, Scotch, and American whiskey. One major difference of Irish whiskey compared to the other two kinds, is that the Irish whiskey is matured in oak barrels that have already been used to mature other drinks, such as beer and other spirits.  Maybe it was because I was in Jameson’s headquarters, but I thought Jameson went down the smoothest. The photo below shows what the whiskey tasting includes.

The three types of whiskey featured in the tasting room.

After the tasting I was given the option of having a shot of Jameson or having a cocktail mixed with a club soda.

The tour of the Jameson Distillery was an excellent experience. I definitely gained an deeper appreciation of whiskey and the unique history behind the Jameson brand. Ever since visiting the distillery, I have been branching out a bit and ordering Jameson cocktails when going out, and reflecting on my time spent on Bow Street.

I definitely enjoyed my time at the Jameson Distillery and the history of the company really stood out to me. Please tune in next week to see what adventures #BrewsdayTuesday takes me on next. Be sure to like the photos on Instagram as well-@MSMUtravels! Cheers!

View of Jameson Distillery on Bow Street

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