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Spooky Season on #BrewsdayTuesday

Hello and welcome to this spooky version of #BrewsdayTuesday! Halloween, which originates from Ireland, is a heavily celebrated holiday here in Dublin. Costume shops have suddenly popped up all over town, decorations can be seen everywhere, and jack-o-lanterns are found on every doorstep. The pubs especially embrace the Halloween fever.

Located under the bridge of the nearest train station to my apartment is O’Reilly’s Pub. Very cheap drinks and a costume contest enticed my friends and me to spend our Halloween night there. O’Reilly’s must be well known for their Halloween festivities, because we had to spend about 30 minutes waiting outside in the rain to get in. However, it was well worth the wait. The pub was covered with cobwebs, spooky decorations, and even the bartenders were in costume! It is obvious that Ireland really embraces the Halloween spirit. Below are pictures of myself and fellow Mounties enjoying our time at O’Reilly’s!

The specialty drink at O’Reilly’s is the Bungalow shot. It was a mixture of fruit juice and Sambuca, and to make it even better, it only cost one Euro! I also discovered a new drink called Desperados. Desperados, similar in taste to Corona, is a lager that is aged in tequila barrels. Heineken brews it, and it used to be sold in the States, but did not really catch on there. This beer definitely should be enjoyed with limes on a hot sunny day. Drinking a beer that is no longer sold at home added to the experience that night.

Halloween in Dublin is a time I will never forget. The whole city comes together and celebrates this spooky night in a fun way! I appreciate the fact that so many pubs like O’Reilly’s add to ambiance by decorating the inside and having the bartenders come in costumes. Tune in next week to see where my latest pub adventure takes me, and make sure to follow us on Instagram – @MSMUtravels.

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