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Our First Post in Temple Bar on this #BrewsdayTuesday!

Hello and welcome to another edition of #BrewsdayTuesday! This is a special posting because this highlights a trip to Dublin’s famous Temple Bar District. Before I talk more about that, it is with great honor and privilege for me to introduce a very good friend of mine, Ian Carroll C’19! Ian just graduated from the Mount this past May, and did the same study abroad trip as me back in Fall 2017. The two of us having been planning for some time for an opportunity for him to come visit in Ireland.

Ian wanted to visit one of his favorite pubs in Temple Bar during his first night back. The pub he wanted to go to was called the Czech Inn. I have spent a lot of time in the Temple Bar District but never heard of this particular pub. As it turns out, the Czech Inn no longer exists, and has since been replaced with Lundy Foot’s Bar. Coincidentally, Lundy Foot’s is one of the first pubs I visited when exploring Temple Bar.

The couple of times I have been to Lundy Foot’s there has been an Irish band composed of two older gentlemen who know how to get the place rocking. I will be posting a short video of them on the Instagram page. The Lundy Foot’s is a place I recommend when spending the night in Temple Bar District. This pub is only a block away from the heart of Temple Bar, so you can visit many pubs in one night by starting at Lundy Foot’s.

Lundy Foot’s knows how to pour a perfect pint of Guinness which you can see in the photos of Ian and me. For a proper pint of Guinness, the Lundy Foot’s is place I recommend checking out when in Temple Bar.

After spending the weekend with my friend Ian, I learned that what makes for a perfect pint includes where you are and who you are drinking the pints with. This weekend, Lundy Foot’s and Ian added to my Irish pub experience. Check out the video of the band from Lundy Foot’s on the Instagram page-@MSMUtravels. Sláinte!

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