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Last Call for this #BrewsdayTuesday

Hello and welcome to the last post of #BrewsdayTuesday! I hope you all had as much fun reading my blog as I had writing it! After being home for a few weeks, I had some time to reflect on my time abroad in Ireland. These past 90 days have been the time of my life! I learned a lot about myself, and I got to see parts of the world that I’d never seen before. I absolutely recommend studying abroad to any student who is on the fence about the matter.

Going to the pubs was a great way to get closer with fellow Mount students!

The Irish pub culture was one of my favorite aspects of the semester. Searching for pubs in the city of Dublin and other parts of Ireland allowed me to make some very fun memories. In most pubs, I would meet Irish people who would ask me questions about why I chose to study abroad in Ireland. We would exchange stories, and they would suggest other pubs to check out. If I didn’t chat with the locals while in the pub, there was a good chance I would meet someone from a different European country and they would be just as friendly as the Irish people.

Visiting numerous pubs during the semester also allowed me to become closer with the fellow Mounties on the trip. The pubs offer a chance to connect with other peers in a relaxed, social setting. We can bond over the classes we are taking together, or upperclassmen can shed some wisdom about life at the Mount to the underclassmen. It was a fantastic opportunity to make long-lasting friendships.

My time in Dublin was a wonderful experience! I was able to learn a lot about myself, and about learn about life and culture in Ireland. The memories and friendships I made during my time will last a lifetime, I am sure! Thank you for reading about my pub adventures in Ireland! Slàinte!

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