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“Vistas and Viniculture” on this #WednesdayswithaView

Hello there and welcome to blog post #2 of #WednesdayswithaView!

It has been quite a busy week here in Florence—so much to see and do! As promised, I’ve got two amazing views lined up for this week’s adventures. First up on “sky view”, we have the height of another famous Florentine landmark—the Piazzale Michelangelo.

Up on a hill across the Arno River, this spot offers the best city-wide view of Florence. What makes this view special is that unlike the view from the Duomo, one can actually see the Duomo as part of the cityscape from this height, giving you all the most famous Florentine landmarks in one glance: the Ponte Vecchio, the Duomo, the Palazzo Vecchio, and the Santa Croce. We climbed up from the river on a switchback road decorated with beautiful waterfalls to reach the Piazzale. Up top, the massive plaza was relatively empty of tourists—a true rarity—which made it the perfect place to pose for pictures. At mid-afternoon, the blue skies over the city were nothing short of picturesque, like a postcard come to life for us.

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This Piazzale derives its name from the massive bronze replica of Michelangelo’s David that dominates the plaza. As one of the three Davids in Florence, it is certainly a must-see. Good thing it can’t be missed—it is even visible from the streets on the opposite side of the river if you look hard enough!

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For our street view this time around, I’d like to take you deep into the hills of Tuscany for some wine-tasting. On Valentine’s Day, we took a wine tour that visited two different wineries. The first was a castle-turned-winery run by a family that made spectacular Chianti wines—the traditional wine of the region. This castle is also famous for being the site where the Pazzi family plotted to murder and overthrow the powerful Medici family (spoiler—they didn’t succeed). We explored their cold yet intriguing wine cellars with barrels larger than ourselves before heading above ground again to taste the wine. Each of us reacted differently to the tasting, but I found all the wines delightful!

The second winery was a bit more modern, but still family-owned. There we had three different wines—all excellent—at a long wooden table in the ancient house. Outside this winery we were able to stand amidst the beautiful hills of Tuscany and feel them surround us. We were blessed with an absolutely gorgeous day! Obviously, we took pictures, but nothing can quite capture the beauty felt in those hills. I hope to be back before we leave!

With every place we visit in Florence and across Italy, I become more and more awed by the splendor of these places. So much history, such old traditions—all of these things surround us in an ancient beauty constantly rejuvenated by the friendliness and care of living people. Culture breathes here in such a unique way, and I can’t be more honored to be experiencing that up close.

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With that, I’ll close out this week’s blog. Thanks again for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed! Don’t forget to read the other posts from this week—there’s more than enough excitement to go around. Wishing you a happy #WednesdaywithaView!

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