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Bored at home? Try some of these games and movies!

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!

I hope you all have settled into your life at home because it seems we’ll be stuck inside a little while longer. On Wednesday April 15, DC mayor Muriel Bowser announced that the city’s stay-at-home order would be extended through May 15. In her press conference she stated that the city would need to have a continuous two-week decline in hospitalizations and positive tests before considering relaxing measures. It’s now required that DC residents wear some sort of face covering on the metro, in grocery stores, or in other public areas. Although I understand the need for such measures, it’s still saddening to think I’ll be stuck at home for at least the next month. I turn 21 on June 29th and while I’m still trying to be hopeful that I can celebrate with more people, it’s becoming more evident that it might not happen.

Since I’m assuming several other states will have their stay-at-home orders extended, I’ve compiled a list of things you can do with friends or alone to pass the time no matter where you’re all located. You can also save these apps for when you travel abroad in the upcoming semesters.

Multiplayer apps (all found in your device app store):

  • Black cards:  a virtual version of Cards Against Humanity
  • Taboo- Word Party: compete against your friends to guess as many words as possible without saying any of the forbidden words
  • That’s so: similar to Cards Against Humanity, one person is selected to be the judge and everyone submits a card that they think best matches the judge.
  • Boggle With Friends: an online version of the Boggle board game

Movie Recommendations:

The following movies are all available on Netflix. Keep in mind when you’re abroad some streaming services differ. Hulu isn’t available outside the United States however when you use Netflix in a different country, different shows are available.

  • Fractured (thriller/mystery) –  A man goes to the hospital with his wife and daughter only for them both to disappear. The hospital claims they have no record of his daughter being there and he’s convinced the hospital is hiding something.
  • Hush (thriller/suspense) – A deaf writer moves into the woods to focus on her new book and has to fight for her life against a masked intruder.
  • Super dark times (psychological thriller)- A group of friends get into a bad accident and have to cover it up, causing issues between them.
  • The Killing of a Sacred Deer (thriller/horror) – A surgeon with a perfect life takes a troubled kid under his wing. Soon the kid shows his true intentions and the surgeon begins to regret it.
  • Don’t Breathe (horror/thriller)- A group of teens break into rich people’s houses. A blind guy who recently came into a lot of money seems like the perfect target for their next heist but once they’re inside his house they find out his secret.

Even though online classes may seem never ending now, we only have about 3 weeks left of classes before the semester is over! Use this time to finish out the semester strong but the pass/fail option is always there if you need it. Stay safe and I’ll see you all next week.

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