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Hey guys!

I hope that you are all doing well. As my blogging days come to an end, I want to take the time to talk about my experience traveling to Spain for a weekend while I was living in Italy. In this week’s blog, I will talk about my expenses during my trip, from airplane tickets, to the price of lodging and dining out, and public transportation.

For starters, I would like to say that the most important thing to do when travelling anywhere is to plan ahead of time. Booking your trip about two weeks, or longer in advance helps you find the best deals on airfares, and lodging. If you end up going with AIFS on your trip to Italy, make sure to ask them for some tips on making the most out of travel in addition to your own research.

In February, I went to Spain with four other people, and we all booked our flights together. Some of the cheapest airlines around Europe are Ryanair, EasyJet, and Vueling Airlines. But if you go on Skyscanner.com, you could get a list of many cheaper airlines and their flights information. The round-trip ticket from Pisa to Girona was about 80 euros. This could have been cheaper, but we booked about one week before our trip. Also be mindful of the fact that you must be very flexible with time when booking a cheap flight. A lot of these flights might depart or arrive at very odd hours, so be sure to check if you can still get a taxi or uber when you get to your location. Also, make sure that those times align with your hotel/Airbnb check in.

I must warn you to be mindful about little policies when you travel with such airlines, for example, if you are going to use Ryanair, they will charge you an extra fee for checking you in at the airport. In addition, you are only allowed a small personal item, so I would suggest packing light. There is always the option of paying for extra luggage, but for us it was just about traveling as cheaply as possible.

About our own experience, we arrived in the late afternoon in Girona, which is a smaller city in Spain and took a connecting bus to the city of Barcelona. This bus cost us 25 euros each for a roundtrip ticket. When we arrived in Barcelona, we took a taxi for about 10 euros to our Airbnb. The Airbnb cost about 60 euros a night, and we stayed for three nights. We ate out while we were there, and it was relatively cheap. I spent about 6 euros on every meal I had, which consisted of an entrée and water. In terms of transportation, it was about two euros for every ride with the bus. The same went for the metro, but you could connect to other lines as many times as needed as long as you did not leave the station itself.

It was a good experience overall, and a relatively cheap trip to plan. It is easy and cheap to travel to other countries when already in Europe.  Make sure you that learn some greetings in the language of your host country, just to be polite and make the locals feel more comfortable.

This is it for this week. Next week’s blog will be my last ☹. Writing these weekly blogs has been such a great experience for me, and I am so grateful for having had this opportunity. In addition to my personal photos, I also have my written experiences of my trip abroad, all thanks to this course. Anyways, stay safe and indoors!

And make sure to tune in next week for my reflective post!

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