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“Ciao” From Florence: My First Experiences in Italy

Ciao readers! My name is Kaitlin Farrell, and I am a sophomore at the Mount currently studying in Florence, Italy. As of right now, I am currently studying general studies but hope to gain some inspiration in Italy and choose a major soon. When I heard that the Mount had a study abroad program in Italy, my interest was piqued.  I had previously traveled to other parts of Europe but had always longed to go to Italy. Over the next couple of weeks, I talked to my family and close friends about this opportunity and ultimately decided to take a leap of faith and leave America for three months.  

In Italy, there are so many things similar and different from America. In my blog, I would love to take you around Italy and talk about the cultural shocks I experience while studying abroad.  

I am enchanted by the beauty of Florence. I love walking down the streets with my friends as we marvel at the buildings and statues while trying to avoid bicyclists. In Italy, there are very few traffic lights and people will walk in the streets until a car honks and ushers them onto the sidewalks. I look down the street and find about three pizzerias and try to figure out which pizza will be the best. I am still surprised by the fact that when I order a meal, I can also order alcohol as well.  So far, I have had the privilege to stroll across the Ponte Vecchio, explore ancient Roman ruins, hike the Leonardo trail, and gaze into a room that St. Francis and Bernardino of Siena once prayed in. I cannot wait to tell you more about my adventures in Italy. Be sure to check back next week for more! Arrivederci for now! 

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