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My Florence-based #FoodieFriday

Hey guys! I’m Rachael, and I am super excited to document my journey in Florence. I am currently a sophomore with an undecided major but I think I plan to major in business. I am from Fort Washington, Maryland which is about two seconds from Virginia and DC. I was a competitive swimmer for about 12 years and decided to stop after high school, but I love to teach swimming. I am currently a swim coach at my neighborhood pool where I was taught and grew up.

Growing up as a swimmer meant I got to eat a lot of different food while traveling for swim meets but I almost always ate pasta for dinner before swim meets for carbs and energy. One of the reasons I chose to study abroad in Florence is because I love many different foods like pizza and pasta which they know how to cook very well. I also love to travel and experience different cultures.

We have been in Florence for almost two weeks and it has been amazing so far. Most people do speak English and are super helpful if you have questions. They appreciate you trying to pronounce things even if you are totally off. I have not met a single rude Italian and instead have made friends with a few and hope to hang out with them soon. I also have not really experienced any culture shocks. The only thing that I had to get used to was different ways of ordering coffee. You can’t always say iced here because sometimes it will just be cold but still delicious. 

I came to Italy only knowing about two words in Italian but now I know quite a few just from being constantly around it. I have managed to order the most American thing in Italian which was french fries but I did say it right which is what matters.

I will be focusing my future blog posts on food but mostly pasta, and I will post every Friday with the hashtag #FoodieFriday, so make sure to keep an eye out!

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