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Visiting Pisa and Lucca

Ciao Mounties, and welcome back to the blog! What a week I have had here in Florence! This week, I had the opportunity to sample new bakeries, gelaterias, museums and travel to new cities!

For Italian Life and Culture, my class attended the Duomo Museum, and I do not know if I could do it justice by trying to describe it, but I will try. On our tour around the museum, we saw golden doors, beautiful statues and I even got to stand above a well. On Thursday and Friday, I explored the Museo del Bargello and the Casa di Dante. At the Museo del Bargello, I walked from room to room examining the intricate and handsome statues. At Casa di Dante, I got to learn more about the famous Dante and his influence on Florence.

On Saturday, I woke up early in order to go to the historic cities, Pisa and Lucca. I finally got to achieve my dream of taking the popular tourist photo of myself holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa! We were then led on an informative tour into the church and baptistry. The inside of the church was like nothing I had ever seen before, with huge paintings adorning the walks and ceiling of the church, a gold roof and even the bones of people were around the church. After my friends and I finished taking our photos, we boarded the bus and headed to Lucca.

Lucca, a small and quiet town, was perfect after experiencing a busy, but beautiful Pisa. I headed for a long lunch with my friends and then we took the time to wander the streets. We chatted as we passed fountains and rows of trees and only stopped to snap a quick picture. It was the perfect way to end our busy day.

Now that I have been in Florence for two weeks, I feel better acquainted with the city. I still need Google maps for directions sometimes, but I love going on walks to explore. During these walks, I will stop for gelato or a baked good where I am still surprised that even at a nice restaurant, you do not have to tip your server. I was also surprised by the fact that water is not free at restaurants like it is in America. Overall, my week in Florence has been amazing. Come back next week to see what else I’ve encountered! Arrivederci!

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