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When in Rome…

The last week killed my feet. I walked all over Florence, and this weekend we went to Rome, where in one day, I walked 15 miles! The new Nike shoes I just bought were broken in on the first day, to say the least! I also bought another leather jacket, but this time in blue, so my goal to budget is not going so well, but I have next week to do better! The main highlights of my week were going to the Uffizi Gallery and our weekend trip to Rome. The Uffizi Gallery is so big I literally got lost. It houses paintings from the Italian Renaissance, and I saw works from artists such as Leonardo, Rafael, Giotto, and Botticelli.

However, my favorite painting I saw this week was in the Uffizi Gallery, which was called Angel Playing a Lute by Rosso Fiorentino. In this painting, the angel’s wings are as delicate as a butterfly’s, and he rests his face on his lute that conceals most of his body, leaving only his head with its thick red curls visible. Completely enraptured by the music, the angel is depicted with incredible naturalism. I really like this painting since music is all around me back home as I wake up to my mom playing some instrument, and I have been playing piano since I was in Kindergarten.

Fast forward to Rome: It was amazing! Florence, I have to say, is the cleaner and easier to navigate city; but after two days, I got acclimated to Rome. Of course, I had to see the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, and St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City.

In Rome, there are so many intricate statues and buildings, and ruins would be visible right next to modern day buildings. Many times I would just stop and be like, “What’s this?” Just walking the streets of Rome is where I found the coolest things. Along my 15-mile walk, my friends and I stumbled upon the castle of St. Angelo. Big is an understatement of this castle, and it was circular too! After we stopped by the Pantheon, we ate dinner in Piazza Navona, which is a smaller square that’s near Trevi Fountain, and then we ate gelato by the water under the castle. It was a long day, but I ended it by listening to music by the Colosseum.

After all the walking we did, I slept all the way home on the train. This week, I learned how to use public transportation and am also learning the ins and outs to saving money on ticket fare which is making me feel a little more like a local. All in all, this week has been my favorite so far. But I will be going to Assisi and celebrating Carnevale by the beach, so my favorite week may change again soon. Until next time, ciao.

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