Author: Aubrey

One last trip to Greece and flying home!

It’s bittersweet to be back. I didn’t really get time to decompress after I came back since the next day was my brother’s prom, and it was so cute. His date came to our house, and they took the classic pics, and I loved seeing all of the dresses. So […]

Weekend in Croatia

This weekend was the highlight of my week: I went on a weekend excursion out of Italy. However, I had to plan and do all my homework on the weekdays so that my weekend would be completely open. After all, I would not be bringing my computer to Croatia because […]

Glassmaking in Venice

This week, I explored the beautiful city of Venice. Venice is known for its intricate glasswork and gondola rides. I went to the little island of Murano to see artisans at work, and the time and precision that go into glassmaking is really crazy. I met a man where I […]