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Carnevale and Spring Break in Sardinia

Ciao Mounties! I hope everyone at the Mount enjoyed their spring break! During the last couple of weeks, I have had the opportunity to attend a cooking class, spend the day at Carnevale and fly to Sardinia. I was very excited about the cooking class because I love food, but I want to improve my cooking skills. At the cooking class, my friends and I worked together to create an appetizer, pasta, sauce, and dessert. The veggie flan and the chocolate cakes were made first because we needed to bake them and then we moved on to the dinner portion of the meal. We made fresh tomato sauce and then a delicious bolognese sauce. Afterward, I got to make my own pasta, and now that I know how I would like to request a pasta maker for my birthday. Overall, this class was very educational and the most valuable lesson I learned is that the only thing better than cooking with friends, is eating with friends.

The Carnevale was simply amazing, I do not know if I could do this event justice by describing it. I have been looking forward to the Carnevale ever since my Aunt Vanessa told me about her own experience while studying abroad. Once you enter the Carnevale, everywhere you turn, there is something new for you to admire. Each float is different and unique. I have never seen anything like it. All around us, performers were putting on makeup and preparing for the Carnevale, but families wore matching costumes. I had so much fun walking up the street with my friends as we waited for the event to start. We grabbed some food and bought masquerade masks to wear and take pictures with. We walked through the entire Carnevale before the parade started. We then found good seats on the side to watch the floats and entertainers go by. After a while, we got up walked around the parade, and danced around with the music for each float. As I danced with my friends, under the bright sun as confetti rained down, I could not dream of a better day.

After spending some time in different towns in Italy, my friends and I decided to take my Italian teacher’s advice and go to Sardinia. For those of you who do not know, Sardinia is an Italian island located in the Mediterranean Sea. We found cheap plane tickets and a nice Airbnb to stay at for the week. After spending two days here, I was not sure I wanted to leave. On our second day, my friends and I figured out the bus system and we headed into the town. Once we stepped off the bus, I headed straight for the coffee shop for a caffe latte and a croissant. We then went to the top of the Bastione di Saint Remy where you could see all of Caligari. We then walked around the shops where we stopped to buy postcards and gelato. On the third day, we decided to go on a jeep tour of the island with Sardinia Dream Tour. Throughout the day, we drove through towns and up mountains, we got to explore the most beautiful beaches I had ever seen and see the best sights Sardinia has to offer. The beaches had crystal clear water and due to the fact that it is still technically winter, there were very few people there. It was so peaceful and relaxing as we walked along the shore and let the water drift over our feet. I felt as thought I could stay there forever.

Be sure to check out my blog next week to read about my next adventures in Sardinia!

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