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Celebrating My Birthday: Sardinia Style

Ciao Mounties! If you read my last blog, you would know that I was vacationing in Sardinia, an Italian island in the Mediterranean Sea. During the rest of my trip, I had the opportunity to go jet skiing, explore more of the town, and travel to beautiful beaches.

During my fantastic spring break, I also celebrated my 20th birthday! This was my first time celebrating a birthday apart from my family, but my friends made it extra special for me by waking me up with candy, cake, and flowers. After breakfast, we got dressed in warm clothes and went to the marina where Francesco (our tour guide) would be taking us jet skiing. While I was waiting for my turn to jet ski, I got to hang out on a boat with my friends. We laid down on the deck under the warm sun, surrounded by beautiful landscape, listening to music and drinking our favorite Italian beverage, lemon soda. When it was my turn to go jet skiing, I was nervous, but once we got on the open water, I had never felt better! As we raced over the turquoise water, I could not stop smiling and I was once again amazed by the beauty of Sardinia! Francesco showed me the cliffs and caves that surround the water and his favorite places to visit.

After our jet skiing adventure, we went back to our Airbnb and my friends surprised me again by taking me out to a birthday dinner. At the restaurant, I got to try new food, drink wine, and have the most delicious tiramisu. It was so nice spending my birthday with my wonderful friends, and I am so grateful that they worked so hard to make my birthday so special.

On our last day in Sardinia, we went on one last tour with Francesco. We piled into his jeep and went on a scenic route, overlooking the city and the beaches. We went rock climbing and watched the waves pound against the rocks. Then we went hiking along a beautiful trail to see an old Spanish tower. From the tower, it felt like you were on top of the world! It seemed like the water went on forever. After walking down the trail, I went walking on the beach. The weather was warm and I was able to go into the ocean up to my knees. It was so peaceful to take my time walking on the sand and letting the water drift over my feet. I wished I could stay there forever, or at least until summertime when I could fully enjoy the magnificent beaches. Sadly, I could not, and Francesco drove us to the airport.

My trip to Sardinia is one that I will never forget, and I hope to be back one day! Come back next week to read about my trip to Tuscany and Venice!

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