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Vacation in Naples and a New Tattoo

Last week, to end my spring break, I traveled to Naples. My Italian teacher said Naples was like a movie with all the busy streets and the music that is played everywhere. Let me tell you – her description did not disappoint! For example, my friend and I were just eating dinner one night, and a man played music for us while we ate dinner overlooking the water. Also, all the street vendors were so much more unique than in other cities. I bought these wire-wrapped sun earrings that I wore almost immediately after buying them. I stayed in Naples for two nights, and each day was so unique. Just wandering around the city and seeing where you’ll end up is so relaxing, and we found so many incredible, unique places. Also, there was this cool castle by the water in Naples, and I could just imagine being a princess taking a morning stroll and overlooking the seaside.

In addition, this week I had to catch up on a lot of homework. I wrote my 14-page paper, which took all the energy out of me. So the week was more relaxed after writing the paper, and a highlight of it was getting a tattoo. So, the art I will be talking about for this post is my tattoo art at Firenze tattoo studio. The artist gave me a cool-looking butterfly on the back of my arm. It took 15 minutes, and he called me a warrior since I didn’t make him stop. It did hurt, but my two friends were there, and I just talked to them and it was over in no time. I got special lotion and soap to clean it, so this week my main priority is keeping this tattoo looking cool.

Later this week I am going to Venice, and I am most looking forward to that since my BFF back in my hometown lived there, and he recommended all these cool places to visit. Ciao!

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