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Weekend in Croatia

This weekend was the highlight of my week: I went on a weekend excursion out of Italy. However, I had to plan and do all my homework on the weekdays so that my weekend would be completely open. After all, I would not be bringing my computer to Croatia because I would have no Wifi to do it anyway. So the weekdays were busy because I had to get my work done.

Starting off my trip to Croatia, I got on a bus at 8:30 p.m. on Thursday and had a 12-hour bus ride there. It was long and brutal, and every so often, the bus would stop hard, and I would be launched out of my seat. Funny enough, when we stopped at the border, I had to get out of the bus to get my passport stamped, and I had to wait for everyone on the bus to get their stamp before I could get back on the bus.

When we arrived at our destination, I got dropped off at a hostel with two other people. One was my friend; the other was a random person, but she was cool and hung out with me the rest of the trip. On the first day, I went white water rafting, and it was extreme. I had to wear a helmet and a wetsuit. There were a couple of waterfalls that I rafted down, and two other groups capsized, but my group didn’t (yay). The rafting lasted about 3 hours, and I saw the beauty that Split, Croatia had to offer. I ended the day by walking around the town of Split and watching a magnificent sunset. The water looked purple and pink. It was truly a wonder because it was so peaceful. I climbed a couple of rocks and saw a great view that captured the beach and the ocean.

The next day was a very early morning for me. I woke up at 6 AM to catch a boat that would take us to multiple islands across the coastline of Croatia. It was a lovely day, so I was lucky. My favorite island we visited was a place called Blue Lagoon, which reminded me of the movie Blue Lagoon, which is my favorite. However, the water was so cold I did not go in. Some of the other girls did a polar bear plunge and jumped in from the boat’s top deck. It was a nice relaxing boat cruise. I saw the most beautiful scenic view of the water which was a work of art in and of itself. I ended the day going to a couple of beach bars, and I thought it was so interesting because I could walk for 10 seconds and be at the beach. I know it’s in the name, but I was still amazed.

The last day was my favorite. I went to a beautiful national park waterfall that was so breathtaking. I walked along the wooden planks for about a mile which took me around the waterfall and led to the big one, but there were multiple waterfalls everywhere. I like how the trail took me from high up and far away to up close and personal with the waterfall, allowing us to come face to face with it. It’s also really funny that every new place I go, I make friends with a cat. Along my walk, I sat down on a bench and a cat sat next to me, so we looked at nature together. It was very calming, and there was no noise around, which I thought was a nice change from Florence. After the waterfall excursion, I took a 10-hour bus ride back to Florence and slept nicely since I was running on no sleep.

In Croatia, I had to learn their currency. I had to pay with Kuna, and it’s so different than euros and USD because 400 kunas is 55 USD, so I was feeling rich, and those Kuna got me pretty far. I just paid with cash which is something I never do because I usually pay with a card. Also, a lot of places only take a card. So when in Croatia, make sure to get Kuna.

That’s it for this week’s reflection on a wonderful, Wi-Fi-free weekend excursion to Croatia. Check back next week to see where else I’ve wandered and what art I’ve encountered…

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