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Scavenger Hunts and Delicious Breakfasts

Ciao everyone! This week I had very few classes so I got to sleep in a lot more than usual. I went to my favorite breakfast place twice within four days but with two different groups of friends. It is a brunch place called Rooster Cafe, and it is absolutely delicious. My favorite meal is the Grandma Style pancakes. It is about 4 pancakes with a lot of fruit with a surprise in the syrup. No matter what syrup you get, there is glitter, and it was a shocking discovery when I first ordered it! But now it makes me happy because my pancakes will literally be glittering. I have gotten the Grandma Style pancakes like four times but last time I decided I should try something different. I decided to get the French toast which was a risky move. I know that I am very picky about how I like my French toast, but I was pleasantly surprised. I knew that it would not taste bad, but it was better than I expected. I got four big pieces with syrup, white chocolate, and Oreo pieces. I have gotten it again since then, and it was one of the few things that I finish in one sitting.

The weather has not been the best this week. It has been raining and a little cold, and it will continue for a couple more days. Even though it was rainy, we decided it would be a good idea to go to the Boboli Gardens and it was an experience. We put it into our maps and walked about 30 minutes up a gigantic hill just for that entrance to be closed. Then, we saw a sign that said you have to enter through somewhere else. It was not a big deal for that entrance to be closed, but it meant that we had to walk back down the hill!

The Boboli Gardens were super pretty though so it made the experience worth it. It had a comfortable amount of people even though it was raining, but it was nice to go before all of the flowers bloomed. I am planning to go back in a month to see how different it looks. We were also on a scavenger hunt: Two of my friends had an assignment to find a gold-painted stick that was hidden; and even though the assignment had nothing to do with me, I was determined to find it. When we found it, there was barely any gold left on it so it was surprising that we found it.

I did have a fun week even though it felt like I did not do much. Sometimes it’s nice to just have some down time! We have quite a few fun activities planned for the next couple of weekends before returning to the US. So, make sure you come back next to hear about another adventure. Ciao for now!

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