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Scavenger Hunts and Delicious Breakfasts

Ciao everyone! This week I had very few classes so I got to sleep in a lot more than usual. I went to my favorite breakfast place twice within four days but with two different groups of friends. It is a brunch place called Rooster Cafe, and it is absolutely […]

Pizza & Dessert Cooking Classes

Ciao everyone. This week was very chill. I only did a few things outside of class because I had a lot of midterms and exams. I’m currently taking Accounting 102 as an asynchronous class and that midterm was due on Friday. We are also required to take Italian, and I […]

Weekend In Venice

For as long as I can remember, Venice, Italy, has been the one place I’ve wanted to visit. There was just something about the streets being water and the Venetians having to get around via boats that fascinated me so much. While I was signing up to study abroad in […]

Winery Tours On #FoodieFriday

Ciao! I had a very relaxing time this week, and it was much needed. This trip has been a lot of fun, but I definitely needed a weekend where I was not traveling. So, I stayed in Florence to catch up on homework and sleep. Luckily, we had every afternoon […]