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One last trip to Greece and flying home!

It’s bittersweet to be back. I didn’t really get time to decompress after I came back since the next day was my brother’s prom, and it was so cute. His date came to our house, and they took the classic pics, and I loved seeing all of the dresses. So it was a jump right back into reality for me! For the last week, I pretty much just hung out with my friends and caught up with everyone. We didn’t do anything special, really, but it doesn’t really matter.

But before I came back to the US, I spent an extra week in Europe and went to Greece. The trip was so cool. On the first day, I explored Athens living the Percy Jackson dream with the Acropolis and the Pantheon. Then the next day, I took a boat cruise to the surrounding islands and went to an island home to pistachios, where I got pistachio ice cream, a no-brainer. My favorite day was when I went to Santorini: it was straight out of a movie. All the roofs were white, and that place embodied the true image of how I thought Greece looked. I did find the churches cool because if it was a church, it had a blue roof, so they are easy to spot in the midst of all the white. All in all, my Greece trip was short and sweet.

Getting back, though, was brutal. The flight back to Dulles was stressful because first, my luggage took like 40 minutes to be even paid for, not counting the wait I had to get it actually scaled. It’s funny that my luggage seemed to take forever, but getting through security took two minutes.

On top of the luggage struggle, my flight was delayed twice because of wind even though it was clear skies. The flight got delayed so much that I was afraid I was going to miss my connecting flight which was scheduled to depart at 11:20. I got off my first flight at 11:12 and somehow had to go through double security and make it to my connection. While running the overhead said, “Last call for Aubrey Preske!” while I was still racing across the airport. So, all in all, a very go, go, go day! But I made it and had a nice drive back from the airport with my Dad, so it all ended okay. I am glad to be back because I missed my family and friends, and it’s nice to drive my car again!

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