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A Night at the Theater

As a group we went to Teatro Colón to see the orchestra. Before the concert, the girls and I dressed up and went to have some wine. We looked very fancy since we were going to the theater. The program was only able to find tickets way up high, but it was great because I loved to see the architecture. The building was immaculate with a beautiful painting on the ceiling and light fixtures. It felt like the scene from “Pretty Woman” when Julia’s Roberts character goes to the theater for the first time to see the opera. There were balconies, and seats filled quickly. Everyone was dressed up and went quiet when the lights dimmed. People had their binoculars on.

The orchestra came out in uniform, with their instruments, and took their positions. The music was beautiful and each piece they played provoked a certain energy and emotion. I saw a man in the crowd who had his eyes closed, hands out to mimic the pianist. I think he knew the piece by heart and was very passionate about it. After each maestro’s piece was done, they received flowers and long applause. We were all getting hungry so we left at intermission, but I would have loved to stay. It was a beautiful taste of the theater in my opinion.

When we left the theater, we walked down a few blocks to a prominent pizzeria spot. Argentine pizza is nothing like what I am used to. I live in New Jersey, and I am used to the New York style thin crust. Argentina’s pizza features thick slices with an abundance of cheese. It is necessary to use a fork and knife to eat it. I wouldn’t necessarily have called it pizza but more of a cheesy bread. It was still good though and with only two slices I was stuffed!

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