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Argentine Cowgirl

Our visit to Don Silvano Estancia was my favorite day!! We took a private bus to the outskirts of Buenos Aires, where we were welcomed to the ranch with empanadas and wine. We went horseback riding around the ranch—my absolute favorite thing because I love horses. Since I had experience riding and I am petite, they gave me a pregnant momma horse so I would be gentle with her. Then our group did a carriage ride to the other side of the ranch. After these two activities, we went into a little shop where they sold gaucho merchandise.

We then had a family-style lunch featuring asado, which is different barbequed meats mostly from cow, pig and chicken. This was very good. While eating performers went on the stage and danced the tango, sang, and got the crowd to sing and dance along. After eating and watching the performance, we walked around the Estancia where, of course, I went back to the stables. The games were about to begin, and they called us to the bleachers.

Two gaucho boys demonstrated racing activities done in the past. One of the activities was racing for a woman’s hand in marriage. They place a ring on a string, and they had to race and stand on the horse, trying to get the ring using a stick. Then they would present the ring to a girl in the crowd, and if the girl accepted, she would kiss him and the horse. I happened to be that girl! I accepted the ring and gave him a kiss on the cheek! When the games were over, I took a picture with my fake fiancé and invited everyone to my fantasy wedding!

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