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Don’t Cry for Me Argentina

For our last event together, we went to Buenos Aires’ most iconic and beautiful café: Café Tortoni, a meeting place for famous artists and scholars from all over. We had a reservation for the salon in the back where I felt like we were in an old movie. We parted a curtain to enter the salon, a space with only about 12 tables with an aisle leading to the stage. We were given wine and charcuterie boards, which nicely set the mood. The lights dimmed even more, and spotlights illuminated the stage as a man came out to welcome us all to a sensual night.

Until this moment, my impression was that tango is more practiced by the older generation or has become a tourist spectacle from the past. I have seen many beautiful demonstrations of tango, but nothing compared to what I experienced in the salon. There was a singer and a few dancers, all wearing beautiful costumes. Each performance was put together with sophisticated acrobatics. The performances evoked emotion and told a story with passion. I got goosebumps! Our last night all together was magical.

We had only a few more days in Argentina, and we used these days to revisit our favorite restaurants and hangouts. We packed and spent time with our host families. My host family made us a special dinner with our favorite dessert! The day we had to leave for the airport was sad because we were all emotional. I am super thankful for this experience and would not have changed a single thing.

My advice to you all is to be brave. Leaving your home for the unknown can be nerve-wracking. I believe experiencing another country and culture is truly enriching. I learned so many things that allowed me to have a perspective on my life. The world is vast and beautiful, filled with opportunities and moments that in the midst of everything give you a sense of community as well as a lust for life and a realization that happiness is the goal. Live a life worth living and work hard, but don’t forget to have fun and create memories!

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