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Birthday Celebration and Palace Roaming

It was my big 21st birthday! Although it did not matter in Argentina as the legal age is lower, I was still excited for when I returned to the United States. I got up early and got my hair done by my host mom’s stylist. While I was gone, my roomie Gabby and the family had decorated the whole dining room. They also presented me with a homemade tiramisu cake. I loved it!!

By now you all know that the subway was our best friend when it came to transportation. Together we went to Palacio Barolo. The Palace Barolo pays homage to the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri. We did a guided tour, and each floor of the palace represented a different part of hell. The highest levels of the building represented purification. The lower floors had little to no windows and as one went higher up more windows were present, allowing natural light to illuminate the palace instead of light fixtures.

This building is now used as office space. I really enjoyed wandering the spacious hallways and peeking out the windows to see the surrounding architecture/ landscape around. My favorite part was going up the narrow steps all the way up to the balconies. We went at the most perfect time. The sun was setting beautifully on Buenos Aires. The clouds, colors, and the way the wind caught my hair were indescribable. Pictures and words cannot do justice to the view and feelings I experienced. We even got to go all the way up to the lighthouse. After the tour, I went out with the girls to have a fancy dinner to celebrate my birthday. Then we did an outfit change and went dancing. I had a marvelous day and a fun night with the girls. What happens in Argentina stays in Argentina.

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