MSMU Travels Prague 2024 Prague, Czech Republic

Greetings from Prague

Hello! My name is Paola Aleman. I am a junior at the Mount majoring in health science pre-nursing with a minor in psychology and human services. I was born and raised in Long Island, New York, but I am studying abroad this spring semester in Prague, Czech Republic.

At the Mount, I participated in the cheerleading team, orientation, CSES peer leadership, and the ESPN practicum as well as worked at the Center for Student and Belonging front desk. I decided to study abroad this semester because I saw this as an amazing opportunity to not only discover Prague but many other beautiful cities in Europe. This is one of the lucky advantages of going to Prague. We are right in the middle of Europe, not too far from places such as Madrid and London.

Being away from home can seem overwhelming, but there are many upsides to studying abroad. Experiencing a different culture can be so fun and exciting it makes me step out of my comfort zone and learn new things. You also get to create amazing new unforgettable memories.

The transition from America to Europe has been an experience and it’s only one week in so far. Prague is filled with so much history and historical places; it is very cool knowing how close we are to all these amazing places. Taking the tram, train or bus is more common than driving. We take a tram to school every day, and that is a very new experience for me. At The Mount, I am so used to a short walk to class, but here we have to make sure we leave a little bit earlier for class just to take the tram, which is about a 20-minute ride. Along with taking public transportation everything is also within walking distance which is very nice with this wintery weather.

A fun fact about what’s around our dorms here in Prague is that we are close to the Old Town Square which was founded in the 12th century. It is known for having many historical buildings along with the old town hall’s astronomical clock which has been there since 1410. The famous Charles Bridge that overlooks the Vltava Rover was built in 1357.

My blog this semester will consist of amazing places I discover in my free time. This past weekend we toured the beautiful Prague Castle as well as the Jewish Synagogue. We had an amazing tour guide that provided us with so much knowledge throughout the tour. As we walked all around this amazing historical town, we reached breathtaking views overlooking the city. I can’t wait to keep exploring Prague and sharing my time and experiences through this blog.

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