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Slán Abhaile (Safe Home)!

After 3 months of fun-filled excursions, I’m now back home in the States. The idea of studying abroad came on a whim after my friend, Abby, told me that she was going to Ireland. Truthfully, I didn’t even know the Mount had a program in Ireland. But now, I’d like […]

Rock On Dublin!

Oh, how time flies when you study abroad. Am I crazy or did I just write about landing in Dublin and attending a Boygenius concert? Crazy or not, it’s only fitting that my last blog in Dublin is about another of my concert-going experiences, a little full-circle moment if you […]

Fun Times in Finland

Fresh snow and a fantastic journey! As I sat down to eat my ice cream in the IKEA outside of Dublin airport, I contemplated the trip I was about to undertake. Two years ago, I met a Finnish guy on the internet who was a wizard at video editing and […]

Hanging Out With the Dead

For our last excursion in Ireland, we visited the Hill of Tara, Knowth, and Newgrange: burial tombs in County Meath, just 30-minutes outside of Dublin. Since we went on Halloween, our trips were being wrapped up with a tidy, spooky bow. Fun fact about Ireland: they take Halloween very seriously. Last week […]