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I’ve Got a Tape I Wanna Play

Hello everyone! For such a small country, Ireland has been the origin of many in the film industry, including Colin Farrell, Jessie Buckley, Andrew Scott and all 28 branches of the Gleeson family tree—to name a few. Irish actors and filmmakers were even the underdogs of the Academy Awards categories […]

A Wonderful day in Waterford!

A wet but welcoming sight! I unceremoniously slept through the entire train ride from Dublin to Waterford, which made me feel like I was teleported to a new southern Irish city. My mother was visiting for the long weekend, and we decided on Waterford for its Viking past and scenic […]

Pub Crawl II: Electric Boogaloo

Last week, a group of friends and I decided to have our own literary pub crawl, if you consider two pubs a “pub crawl.” In our defense, we were a bit pressed for time since we had to meet up with the rest of our class at the Gaiety Theatre […]

Breakfast and a Show (All Within a Short Walk)

If you ever find yourself hungover in Ireland, a full Irish breakfast (aka full Irish fry) might be the cure you’re looking for. After putting it off for two months, I (fully sober) have finally tried an Irish breakfast and my opinion is mixed. At Taste Food Company, I had the […]

The Beauty of Belfast

City Hall: so empty yet so ornate! Alongside the train to Northern Ireland, flooded fields gave way to Union Jacks flying above the roofs of seemingly endless townhomes. I got an alert on my phone from my wireless company stating “Welcome to the UK.” This preplanned weekend trip to Belfast […]