Salzburg, Austria


Eating with Emma: Brez’n in Berchtesgaden

We took a trip to the small city of Berchtesgaden during our orientation weekend. We visited the Bavarian town on a Sunday so it was very sleepy. We found our way around very easily while virtually being the only tourists there. It was pretty easy to get to Berchtesgaden from […]


Brews with Grace: Augustiner Braustubl

The Augustiner Braustubl is the oldest biergarten in Salzburg. It serves only one beer that has been exactly the same since 1621. The beer is a lager; it is not a wheat beer, nor is it very hoppy. But it is absolutely delicious. You can order this beer in a […]


Salzburg Through a Lens: Haley’s View

Ever since I was young, I had a strong desire to capture the beauty of my surrounding environments through the lens of a camera. I longed to share that beauty with others and help them see a photograph’s content as a wonderful reality. Once I invested in my first camera, […]