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Bitcoin Coffee! #KavaMondays

In our second installment of #KavaMondays, I decided to make things interesting and check out Paralelní Polis (Parallel City).

Exterior of Paralelni Polis

Aside from the name, what makes Polis so appealing is the fact that they have a Bitcoin café. I’m a huge bitcoin/cryptocurrency fanatic, so I had to see this place for myself.

bitcoin signage
Finally, somewhere I can use my bitcoin!!

The café was quaint and easygoing. The furniture was made from recycled cardboard. To my surprise, the coffee was, unfortunately, subpar. Yet, I was not necessarily disappointed with this because I was excited to see how I was able to actually pay for the coffee itself.

cardboard furniture
Bitcoin café’s cardboard furniture

To give you some background, the ability to purchase something as insignificant as a cup of coffee with bitcoin, or any other cryptocurrency, is a very big deal especially now since the security exchange commission and other government bodies are determining how to properly regulate cryptocurrencies as a whole. Nonetheless, seeing how well cryptocurrencies can be accepted by the community and mass adopted was interesting to me as a cryptocurrency fanatic.

payment screen
Upon purchase I had the option to choose between Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), or Monero (XMR).

After enjoying my café latte and a competitive game of chess, I proceeded upstairs to the Institute of Cryptoanarchy. Within this nerd-like office space, people within the crypto-realm can come and hold conferences, providing lectures ranging from “What is a blockchain?” to “What is the purpose of bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general?” To be honest, the topics are limitless and always worth listening to.

paraleli polis logo
Paralelni Polis’ logo, as well as what it included within their facility

In fact, I was lucky enough to catch a lightning talk, in which they were discussing the growth of bitcoin’s ‘lightning network’. To avoid all the potentially nerdy jargon, I will explain the lightning network in the most watered down way possible: it will make bitcoin transactions very very fast. Almost instantaneous, in fact.  If you would like to learn more about bitcoin or even the lightning network, feel free to click on the links below:

For my next post, I plan to check out one of the two following café/coffee shops:

  • Book Therapy
    • A hipster-like café with a wide collection of bestsellers, cult classics, and graphic novels.
  • Blah Blah Blah
    • An very satisfyingly small café, that has nothing but a bar, allegedly coffee, and great vibes

#StayTuned for more #KavaMondays from me, and make sure to check out some of my peers’ blogs: #PragueJogs with Shaadi on Tuesday and #CzechOutLifeAbroad with Emma on Wednesday. Make sure to follow our Instagram (@MSMUtravels) too!

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