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Prague Bucket List: Part 1

After studying abroad for almost two months now, Prague has become our new home and we love exploring and discovering new aspects of this beautiful city every chance we can. There are so many things to do and see in Prague so I have created a bucket list. This part 1 will consist of things do in Prague for free; the second part will be made up of sights that require a ticket or have an entrance fee. Part of traveling and living abroad as a student is finding things to do that are free or do not cost a lot of money. Lucky for us, Prague has tons of free attractions across various topics and activities!

For the Classic Tourist: Old Town Square and Prague Castle

There is a reason that these two tourist attractions are at the top of all the “must see” Prague sights. One, they are absolutely beautiful, and two, they cost nothing! The Old Town Square in Prague is magical, especially when walking through it at night. Between the Tyn Church, the Astronomical Clock, and the other churches, monuments, buildings, and shops/restaurants, there is so much to do and see.

Prague Castle is another one of those “must see” sights. While some parts of the castle do require you buy an entry ticket, the castle grounds, gardens, and part of St. Vitus Cathedral are free and open to the public.

For History Buffs: Church of St. Cyril and Methodius

First off, this church is free to get into! The church itself is designed in the baroque style, and it is an Orthodox church. The basement of the church houses the National Memorial to the Heroes of the Heydrich Terror. There is an entire exhibition honoring the lives of the Czech soldiers who were assassinated by Nazi forces there in the crypt of the church in May 1942. In the exhibit, you can still see the bullet holes from the attack. You can also see some remains on the outside of the church, where there is a memorial plaque (pictured below).

For Beatles Fans: John Lennon Wall

This wall has so much history, and presently it stands as the only spot in Prague where graffiti is legal! Throughout history, it has been a place for protesters and citizens to express themselves through text/lyrics/art, even though the government regularly would cover up all the graffiti. This all came to a halt with the murder of John Lennon. Since then, and still now today, it is an honor to him and the wall is full of positive messages about peace, love, and happiness. When I visited with my friends last week, there was a musician in front of the wall playing various “Beatles” songs. We are definitely going back to leave our own message on the wall before the semester is over.

For Bookworms: The “Idiom” Book Tower

The Municipal Library of Prague houses this super fun art piece. Designed by Matej Krén, the “idiom” tower is made out of 8000 books donated by the library. It is 520 cm high and has a 200 cm diameter. There is a tear-shaped hole in the tower so visitors can stick their head in and peer into the never ending well of books! There are mirrors on the top and bottom of the inside, which allows for the books to seemingly go on forever.

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