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Saturdays are for the Praha Farmers Market!

Something that is very popular in the Czech Republic is going to farmers markets on Saturday mornings. Unlike in the United States, it is more of a cultural activity than just going to get a few groceries. People go to hang out with friends, grab their groceries for the week, as well to grab something to eat or a drink!  Located on the river, the farmers market has a great view of the Charles Bridge, as well as the Prague Castle.

Food and Drink

There is a variety of food for you to choose and taste from while at the farmers market. It reminded me almost of a food tour with different types of typical Czech foods that you can taste. One of the many things that they had at the market were stands full of Czech sausages in many different shapes and flavors. The one that I was able to try was a thick sausage with a really smoky flavor, which was really good!

The next thing that I tried next to the sausage was, of course, some cheese! There were many dairy stands where individuals could purchase and try different flavors of cheese.  Gouda seemed to be a popular one here in the Czech Republic, and it was delicious.

As I walked down the roughly one-mile pathway, there were many stands which had food that you could have there for lunch. There were many things varying from sandwiches, to meat, to stews, to even an oyster bar where you could sit down with friends to eat and drink!

Something that I found very interesting was that you could order a full or half chicken fully cooked and bring it home for dinner.

There were also a few stands where you could get homemade Czech snacks called Skvarkove Tycinky which are almost like the Czech version of breadsticks, as well as other sweets.

Fruit and Vegetables

Like many other farmers markets that I have been to, they have a variety of fruits and vegetables that individuals can purchase such as tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, and many others!

Arts and Crafts

Besides food and drink, you can also purchase arts and crafts at the farmers market. When many of the locals walk around to purchase their items, they carry wooden baskets that are made here in the Czech Republic. These baskets were being made by an elderly woman who was hand weaving them and selling them on the spot!

The next time you find yourself in Prague, make sure to check out the farmers market on Saturday morning, where you can sit by the water and grab a drink near the swans, as well as grab your groceries and find some great local art and crafts too.

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